The Golden Boys

Shane is my college sweetheart, love of my life, hot baby daddy, & BFF. He makes me laugh…and mad as hell #realtalk, but always loves me through it all. He’s a hard worker, fantastic dad, loyal friend, sports fanatic….and man, do I ever love to hear him sing. Heart melt. We’ve been married 19 years and look forward to many many more. Love.This.Man.

Xander, our oldest, is 17 years old and is learning to navigate the world of an almost-adult…and so are we. I know we may be a little biased ok a lot biased; but he is an amazing kid, extremely smart, responsible and LOVES PEOPLE. His desire to help others is so often an inspiration to us, and we have no doubt he is destined for BIG things.

Cade is 14 years old and has just entered the world of High School. Quiet, creative, & fiercely loyal, he often thinks and feels deeply. He’s an old soul, a foodie, and a deep thinker, craving quality over quantity when it comes to friendships. Love.His.Heart.

Hayes is 10 and full of life. He loves to sing and dance, play any and every sport but especially football & basketball, learn new things, and worship. Smart and witty, he keeps us laughing all the time…even when we are trying NOT to do so. Don’t judge. We can’t imagine life without this kid and know that God knew best when he gave us a third boy. He was the perfect addition to complete our family.

Princess Sophia Grace (SoSo) is our 6-year-old toy poodle and resident diva. She loves apples & popcorn and will snuggle with anyone who sits still for any length of time. I never understood “dog people” before her. If only we all loved others like dogs do!! Love my baby girl. #rideordie